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With Love Spices and Herbs was humbly founded in Singapore. We specialise in Kombuchas, seasonings, sauces, spreads and premium grade artisan salts. With a health-conscious mind, we take pride in the quality and each product is handcrafted with love and care by our founder. Our customers range from individuals to grocery stores and restaurants.

Established in 2020 when our founder, Radhika decided to indulge further in one of her passions - cooking. Whilst bringing out the creative side of her cooking and how different flavours enhance a particular dish, she realised the need for more products made without preservatives, providing fresher, healthier, natural and authentic flavours.

As a Singapore based company, we strongly believe in our core values - customer experience and quality. Our vision of customer experience is through the level of care we take in the quality of the product, taste, and packaging. We also ensure that all our products are natural in taste, have no added additives, artificial flavours, processing aids or bonding agents.


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